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In a few lines, can you present your company, its activities, products and key figures?

Motion-S enables its clients to design and implement new data-driven products and services in the smart mobility, insurance and automotive industries by collecting, augmenting, analyzing and profiling large amounts of data from moving vehicles and individuals.

Our company is a leading provider of data-driven behavioral analysis solutions in the mobility ecosystem and, at the same time, a trusted partner to companies across multiple industries, providing them with the most advanced, accurate, and personalized solution on the market, giving them a head start in telematics.

The Motion-S mobility analytics platform transforms raw location and car data from smartphones, simple trackers, databases or car-data platforms into actionable insights, providing a deep understanding of individual driving behaviors and mobility patterns. Predictive analytics in terms of risk, vehicle health and eco-efficiency enables fleet managers, insurers, OEMs, smart mobility operators, public authorities and transport providers to optimize their offerings and improve their value propositions.

Which portion of your activity is dedicated to cross-border projects? Do you have an example of cross-border collaboration that you would like to highlight ?

Our business is worldwide, but especially when it comes to smart mobility solutions for governments and cities, local knowledge is a big plus. We recently led a project proposal for the City of Thionville to showcase the power of mobility analysis via simulations to optimize road transportation and individual mobility.

The automotive industry is undergoing major changes (energy and digital transitions, etc.). In the face of these changes, what are your perspectives for future developments ?

The automotive industry is transforming at an incredible rate: new drive technologies are being developed, improved and launched on the mass market. There is no doubt about it: alternative powertrain solutions are unavoidable from an ecological, fiscal and cost point of view, but what is the right powertrain for each road user: EV, PHEV or HEV …?
With the help of accurate driving data analyses and our electromobility transition assessment, fleet operators and private individuals can quickly determine whether they can switch to an electric powertrain. We support automotive players in setting up innovative pre-sales solutions to boost the deployment of electric vehicles.
Apart from that, we analyze and evaluate mobility and connected car data to predict wear and tear of automotive components, which can be used in various applications: predictive maintenance, product engineering and improvement, or supply chain optimization of spare parts. More and more automotive players are aiming to diversify and complete their product and service offering based on data. We support OEMs in the conception and introduction of insurance telematics products.

The automotive industry is an important sector and represents a key market within the Greater Region. What advantage(s) do you find in being located in the heart of this territory?

The Greater Region is a complete ecosystem with a well-connected network of innovative key players. Finding a partner to further innovate without any additional complexity due to, for example, language barriers or different time zones is a significant advantage.

What can a project like PAE bring to companies in the automotive industry? What interest do you see in participating in certain actions of the PAE project ?

The project allows to discover the hidden treasures of the Greater Region: it allows a greater visibility of all the active actors of the region and improves competitiveness.

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