AISIN europe (AW Europe)

AISIN europe (AW Europe)

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In a few lines, can you present your company, its activities, products and key figures?

AW Europe is a subsidiary of the AW Group, part of the Toyota Group. Created in 1990 to distribute automatic transmissions (A/T's) produced by the parent company, production activities quickly began (production of electronic cards for A/T's, remanufacturing of A/T's and distribution of spare parts). The Braine-l'Alleud site was created and quickly became a development and administrative site, with production activities being developed at the Baudour site. In 2003, AW Europe started the production of navigation systems, the other product branch of the AW group. Today, AW Europe and AW TC Europe (the development company) employ around 1000 people.


  • Electronic cards for automatic gearboxes;
  • Distribution of spare parts for the aftermarket;
  • Production and remanufacturing of automatic gearboxes and sub-assemblies;
  • Distribution of gearboxes and navigation software.

Created mainly to cover the European markets, AW Europe, for reasons of the group's production strategies and specific customer demands, has opened up to the world market for a whole series of products. The customers are above all the OEMs, i.e. the car manufacturers. We therefore mainly supply the assembly lines of these manufacturers as well as their distribution centres for everything overseas, both in the new products and after-sales sectors. With the phenomenon of electrification and hybridisation of connected vehicles, AW products are in line with emission reductions. In the constant search for new markets, AW Europe is a strong partner for OEMs.

Capital: 26,150,000 €

Sales: 2,287 Million €

How much of your activity is dedicated to cross-border work? Do you have an example of cross-border collaboration that you would like to highlight?

Our workforce is partly cross-border and so are some of our customers.

The automotive industry is undergoing major changes (energy and digital transitions, etc.). What are your prospects for development in the face of these changes?

We received the Factory of the future certification in 2018 which consists of 7 transformations:

  • Human Centric Organisation
  • Eco Factory
  • Smart Factory
  • Networked Factory
  • Integrated Engineering
  • Digital Factory
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.

And we are working towards becoming carbon neutral by 2023.

The automotive industry is an important sector and represents a key market within the Greater Region. What advantage(s) do you find in being located in the heart of this territory?

We are a logistical hub for our customers and are located close to the ports of Antwerp and the Central Canal.

What can a project like PAE bring to companies in the automotive industry? What interest do you see in participating in some of the actions of the PAE project ?

Networking in general.

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